Concrete Tank Piers for Your Business

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While Cactus Tanks is known for expert tank sales and service, we offer much more than tanks. We also provide the parts and equipment needed for the tanks, including precast concrete tank piers.

We will make sure that you have the right size high-quality piers to support your storage tanks.

We’ll deliver piers where you need them, quickly and easily.

Facts about concrete tank piers

Precast concrete is a versatile and durable construction material that is created by pouring a specially formulated concrete mixture into a pre-shaped mold.

The primary materials used in precast concrete start with concrete, usually Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) grades 43 and 53, although Portland Pozzolana Cement and Portland Slag Cement are used for piers destined for use in harsh conditions, such as tidal regions. Other materials include impurity-free water, Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) and aggregate. Rebar is added for additional structural strength and integrity.

The mold is carefully designed to give the concrete its desired shape and dimensions. After pouring, the concrete is left to cure in a controlled environment, allowing it to reach its optimal strength and durability. Once fully cured, the mold is removed, and the precast concrete element is ready for use. This efficient and sustainable building technique not only saves time and labor but also allows for the reuse of molds, making it an environmentally friendly choice for applications and projects.

Once the precast concrete product is manufactured and quality checked, it is carefully transported to the job site, ready to be utilized for the designated project. For example, if the purpose is to serve as sturdy piers for a storage tank, the precast piers, precisely designed and engineered, are commonly lifted into position using an on-site crane. This efficient and reliable method ensures the seamless integration of the precast elements, saving time and effort while maintaining the utmost precision in construction.

The precast concrete method differs significantly from the conventional cast-in-place approach commonly used for concrete. This innovative technique offers distinct advantages in terms of efficiency, durability and versatility.

In the traditional approach, the concrete is molded into the desired shape on-site and allowed to cure.

The use of precast concrete goes back to Ancient Rome, where it was used to build channel structures such as culverts, tunnels and aqueducts. In the early 20th century, precast concrete panels used in major developments in Liverpool, England, such as the city’s tram stables. Today, it is used in a wide range of structures, such as bridges, parking garages and buildings, as it enables swift construction.

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