Storage Containers for Commercial Use

Cactus Tanks provides a wide arrange of new and used storage containers

Storage and sea containers are valued not just by businesses involved in shipping, but a diverse array of businesses.

Cactus Tanks is a leading source for both new and used storage and shipping containers.

We also sell piers, along with parts and equipment, making Cactus Tanks your one-stop shop.

Rest assured that our storage and sea containers comply with all safety standards set by industry and government. You can trust in the quality and reliability of our products.

At Cactus Tanks, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional personalized service and maintaining open lines of communication that are second to none, setting us apart from large national corporations. Our pricing is not only competitive, but also transparent, ensuring there are no unexpected fees or surprises along the way.

Facts about storage and sea containers

Storage and sea containers are amazingly versatile.

Construction companies use storage containers for on-site storage of materials, such as pipes, cabinetry, wiring and supplies, that need to be protected from the elements while still being on hand.

Small businesses that offer online shopping use storage containers to store the inventory they plan to ship.

Sports organizations and clubs use them to store gear, such as bases for baseball fields, nets and goals for soccer and lacrosse, and boats and accessories for boating or fishing clubs.

Some businesses are buying sea containers to turn into homes, as it can be cost-effective construction that makes housing more affordable and promotes recycling and sustainability.

Sea containers are built with fire-resistant materials, such as marine-grade Corten® steel or weathering steel. Steel, also known as weathered steel, is a type of steel alloy commonly used in outdoor construction projects and storage containers.

They usually feature a robust wooden floor, commonly constructed using heavy-duty materials like plywood. In many cases, Keruing and Apitong woods are preferred due to their exceptional durability and resistance to temperature and humidity variations.

Sea containers undergo specific tests to obtain certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Once they no longer meet the necessary structural requirements outlined by ISO after being used at sea for a certain period, they are often repurposed as shipping containers. Although used containers may not possess the same aesthetic appeal, they are perfectly suited for storage if they are guaranteed to be wind and water tight.

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