Underground LPG Tanks for Your Business

Cactus Tanks has a full supply of underground tanks

Count on Cactus Tanks as your reliable supplier of underground propane tanks for your business needs.

With more than 40 years of industry experience, our leadership team leverages their expertise to maintain a consistent supply of underground propane tanks. Our strong relationships with suppliers ensure reliability.

We carry a full range of underground propane tanks, including those with long risers. These risers connect the polyethylene underground pipes to the metal pipes that are aboveground.

Whether you need a single tank or a full load or something in between, we take pride in delivering prompt lead times. If you’re near our Chandler, OK, or Kilgore, TX, locations, you can expect delivery within just one to two weeks. Nationwide, our extensive fleet of delivery trucks ensures that lead times are limited to a maximum of two to three weeks. You can be confident that we place a high emphasis on efficiency while maintaining the utmost quality in our service.

We harness cutting-edge technology to streamline and optimize the logistics and transportation process, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Underground propane tank sizes and their uses

Underground tanks are preferred by homeowners and businesses for many reasons. Homeowners like that the tank is out of sight and does not detract from the aesthetics of the home or the landscaping. Businesses like them because the tanks are in a secure space. Businesses and homeowners in northern climates like underground tanks because they are protected from very cold weather that can cause the volume of the propane in the tank to shrink and reduce pressure inside the tank, which can cause problems with getting the propane through the gas lines.

Here is some basic information about underground propane tanks and the many applications they have:

120-gallon tank

250-gallon tank

320-gallon tank

500-gallon tank

1,000-gallon tank

2,000-gallon tank

How underground propane tanks are different than aboveground propane tanks

The function of aboveground and underground propane tanks is the same: storing propane and sending it to its destination via gas lines.

The anti-corrosion coating on underground tanks protect it from elements that could damage the tank over time. Another protective feature is sacrificial anode rods placed around the tank during installation. Regular inspection and testing are needed to ensure the tank is safe.

Underground propane tank installation is more involved than an aboveground tank installation. Professional excavation must be done, and a level surface with adequate drainage laid. Once the tank is in place, it must be carefully buried so no damage is done.

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