Used Tanks and Other Equipment for Your Business

Cactus Tanks helps you save money without compromising on quality

Whether you are looking to add bobtail propane delivery trucks to your fleet or growing your farm’s use of anhydrous ammonia and need tanks and trailers, Cactus Tanks is your go-to for quality used tanks, vehicles and other equipment.

Cactus Tanks offers a wide range of used tanks and other items for a diverse array of commercial clients, including propane delivery companies, generator installation companies, construction companies and farms.

Quality used tanks and equipment at a fair price

Our used and second-class products are excellent options for customers looking for more budget-friendly alternatives. While second-class products may have minor cosmetic imperfections or come from older inventory, they still adhere to rigorous industry and regulatory standards of quality and safety.

We offer a variety of pre-owned storage tanks and nurse tanks for anhydrous ammonia, with the option of including trailers or not.

Used tanks offer multiple advantages compared with buying new. For starters, the used tanks are available immediately. With new tanks, you may face a wait time of months for some manufacturers or suppliers to have what you need on hand and schedule your delivery.

Choosing to buy used tanks, trailers and other parts and equipment are also better for your bottom line, cutting your expenses on average by 25% to 50%.

Buying used is also a more environmentally friendly practice, as these tanks, trailers, equipment and parts are still in good condition and are usable. The materials are reused instead of expending energy on lifting, transporting, purging vapors, cutting up, melting and even shipping it out of the country only to bring it back to the United States, consuming even more energy.

With Cactus Tanks, long waits are eliminated! If you happen to be in the vicinity of our top-notch facilities located in Chandler, OK, and Kilgore, TX, we are delighted to extend our exceptional service with lead times ranging from just one to two weeks. Additionally, across the entire nation, our extensive fleet of delivery trucks enables us to ensure swift and reliable deliveries with a maximum lead time of only two to three weeks. Rest assured, our commitment to prompt and efficient service remains unparalleled.

Cactus Tanks provides prompt, safe and reliable delivery of our used products to every state except California. Whether you are in the Upper Midwest, Mid-Atlantic Region, Pacific Northwest or elsewhere, you can trust Cactus Tanks to get you what you need when you need it.

We take pride in being a family-owned business, which allows us to offer personalized services tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment to providing unparalleled responsiveness and attention to detail sets us apart from larger, national companies. With us, you can expect a level of care and dedication that goes beyond what you’ll find elsewhere.

Our supply of used tanks, vehicles and equipment changes regularly, so contact us to get what you need.