Used LPG Tank Trailers for Your Business

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2000 Gallon Nh3 Tank + Running Gear

  • 265 psi
  • Good paint
  • Slick tank
  • End fill
  • Readable data plate

Cactus Tanks offers great service while helping your business save money

Tank trailers have uses in a wide range of businesses, including construction and agriculture.

Grow your business with used LPG tank trailers from Cactus Tanks. At Cactus Tanks, we take immense pride in delivering unparalleled personalized service and fostering prompt and effective communication that surpasses what the big national companies can offer. Our unwavering dedication to transparency ensures that our competitive pricing is free from any unexpected charges. We firmly believe in cultivating enduring relationships with our valued customers and delivering the utmost level of satisfaction.

If you are located near our Chandler, OK, or Kilgore, TX, facilities, we can offer lead times of one to two weeks. Even nationwide, our extensive fleet of delivery trucks ensures lead times are limited to just two to three weeks. Rest assured, we prioritize efficient delivery to meet your needs promptly.

Cactus Tanks is your one-stop shop, as we also offer great deals on used parts and equipment for LPG tank trailers, such as valves and liquid and vapor hose reels.

Cactus Tanks harnesses cutting-edge technology to optimize logistics and transportation, ensuring the fastest and most efficient service possible. With our commitment to reliable communication, you can rest assured that your order is being handled with utmost care and attention.

What kind of businesses use tanker trailers

Propane tanker trailers are used widely in business. One example is in construction. Having tank trailers allows workers to bring the propane to where it is needed, whether it is for temporary heating, ground thawing, or powering generators that are used for lighting or to charge cordless tools.

Farms also use propane tank trailers. These are used for everything from crop drying to portable generators.

While propane trailers are common, there are also trailers for anhydrous nurse tanks. Large-scale corn and wheat farms heavily rely on anhydrous ammonia in agriculture due to its exceptional efficacy as a fertilizer. These tanker trailers bring nurse tanks to the fields. As the planting season approaches, meticulous care is taken to inject anhydrous ammonia into the soil in alternating rows, meticulously creating pockets of nourishment. This critical step is crucially timed to occur prior to sowing, safeguarding seedlings and plants from the harmful effects of direct contact, which could potentially lead to burns or even death. By allowing a generous window of three to five days for proper dispersion, the utmost safety of the plantings is ensured, effectively minimizing any potential risks or harm that could jeopardize the thriving of the valuable crops.

Advantages of buying used LPG tanker trailers

Buying used propane tanker trailers can be very cost effective for your business. That’s because used propane tank trailers can be up to 50% less expensive than buying new. Even with any refurbishing or painting required on the trailers, you’re still saving money.

Those savings can help you beat competitors’ prices and attract customers to your business.

Opting for used propane tanks rather than new ones not only saves your customers money, but also contributes to recycling efforts and environmental consciousness. By reusing the tanks, we avoid the energy-intensive processes of lifting, transporting, purging vapors, cutting, melting and even shipping the steel overseas, only to bring it back to the U.S., consuming even more energy in the process.