Propane, Storage and Anhydrous Nurse Tanks

Cactus Tanks has the tanks you need

Whether you need tanks for your business ahead of winter heating season, spring planting season or summer building season, Cactus Tanks is here for you with a complete supply of aboveground and underground propane, storage and anhydrous nurse tanks.

You can be assured that our tanks are of outstanding quality and meet all industry and government safety standards.

Cactus Tanks provides personalized service and prompt communications unmatched by big, national companies. Our pricing is competitive and transparent, with no surprise fees.

Whether it’s a single tank or a full load, we offer fast turnaround times so you get your tanks swiftly. For those near our Chandler, OK, and Kilgore, TX, locations, we can provide lead times of one to two weeks. Nationwide, our large fleet of delivery trucks ensures that lead times are kept to just two to three weeks.

We put the latest technology to work to make logistics and transport as fast and efficient as possible. Our service includes reliable communication, so you know your order is being handled properly.

Propane tanks

As you know, propane tanks are not one size fits all. We have the right size and type of tank to meet the needs of your business, both aboveground and underground as well as aboveground/underground. Whether you need propane tanks for residential use or for commercial or industrial applications, you can count on Cactus Tanks!

Our tank sizes include:

Storage tanks

Cactus Tanks offers a diverse range of storage tanks. This is especially important for businesses that need very large storage tanks. Our supply includes propane storage tanks in sizes up to 10,000 gallons or more.

If you have a large-scale agricultural operation and use a lot of anhydrous ammonia for fertilizing, Cactus Tanks has the storage tanks you need with sizes up to 18,000 gallons.

Are you a propane delivery company? Cactus Tanks offers bobtail tanks for your delivery trucks in sizes starting at 2,000 gallons, as well as bobtail trucks. We make it easy to grow your fleet!

Cactus Tanks is your specialist for unique and hard-to-find storage tanks not always available from other suppliers. These include underground propane tanks with a long riser, which is used to transition from the polyethylene pipe used underground to the metal pipes used aboveground. We also offer vertical tanks in larger sizes, including 500 and 1,000 gallons.

Anhydrous nurse tanks

Anhydrous nurse tanks are essential equipment for many agricultural operations. Large-scale corn and wheat farms rely heavily on the use of anhydrous ammonia in agriculture. Prior to the planting season, the soil is meticulously injected with this compound in alternating rows, creating fertilizer pockets. It is crucial to apply the fertilizer before sowing to prevent any harm or loss of seedlings and plants due to direct contact.

We sell anhydrous nurse tanks of all sizes, both with trailers and fixed tanks.

With reliable and safe delivery and service, you can trust Cactus Tanks! Request a FREE quote from us today.