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What are aboveground/underground tanks?

Aboveground/underground — AG/UG — “combination” tanks are designed specifically for propane storage in residential or small commercial applications. These versatile models provide the flexibility to be installed either aboveground or as a shallow burial storage solution, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the user. With their innovative design and reliable performance, these tanks offer a convenient and efficient solution for propane storage, ensuring a steady supply of fuel for various purposes.

In addition to standard residential and commercial uses, AG/UG tanks are also ideal for companies that install standby generators for homes or businesses, as their versatility ensures that you’ll always have the right tank on hand to meet your customer’s needs.

What sizes of AG/UG tanks are available?

As with conventional aboveground and underground propane tanks, there are many sizes designed to meet the needs of your residential and commercial propane customers. Here are some standard sizes:

120-gallon tank

  • holds approximately 96 gallons at 80% capacity (standard fill)
  • used for space heating in warmer climates
  • most commonly used for homes with one propane appliance like a fireplace or range

250-gallon tank

  • holds 187 gallons at 80% capacity (standard fill)
  • used for two or three propane appliances such as a water heater, clothes dryer, and fireplace in residential applications
  • may be used for whole-house heating in warmer climates
  • used commercially for clothes dryers at commercial laundries and cooking appliances at small restaurants

320-gallon tank

  • holds 256 gallons at 80% capacity (standard fill)
  • residential use includes whole-house heating and homes with several propane appliances
  • Commercial applications include standby generators, building heating, agriculture, large commercial kitchens and temporary heating

500-gallon tank

  • holds 400 gallons at 80% capacity (standard fill)
  • refilled on-site with propane delivery
  • for comprehensive home heating, standby generators and residences equipped with multiple propane appliances
  • standby generators, building heating, agriculture, large commercial kitchens and temporary heating are common commercial uses

1,000-gallon tank

  • holds 800 gallons at 80% capacity (standard fill)
  • propane delivery for on-site refills
  • for very large estate homes that use propane for home heating, standby generators and high-Btu appliances, such as pool and spa heaters
  • commercial applications, including heating for large facilities and fuel storage for propane autogas fleets
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