Anhydrous Nurse Tanks for Commercial and Agricultural Use

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Facts about anhydrous ammonia

Ammonia, with the chemical formula NH₃ (consisting of one nitrogen atom and three hydrogen atoms per molecule), is an incredibly potent fertilizer. Its effectiveness lies in its abundant nitrogen content. Nitrogen outweighs hydrogen significantly, resulting in a ratio of 82.5% nitrogen to 17.5% hydrogen. It’s worth noting that anhydrous ammonia lacks water molecules, setting it apart from conventional ammonia/water solutions.

Large-scale corn and wheat farms are the primary users of anhydrous ammonia in agriculture. Before the planting season begins, anhydrous ammonia is injected into the soil in alternating rows to create pockets of fertilizer. This crucial process must be done prior to sowing to prevent seedlings and plants from being burned or killed upon direct contact. Allowing three to five days for proper dispersion ensures the safety of the plantings, minimizing the risk of any potential damage to the crops.

Anhydrous ammonia is also widely used in industrial refrigeration, especially in large-scale food production. This refrigerant system is preferred by companies for its cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly properties. Unlike chlorofluorocarbons — CFCs — it does not deplete the ozone layer, making it a more sustainable choice.

Anhydrous nurse tank safety

Anhydrous ammonia is a potent alkali and presents a substantial threat of causing severe harm to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. This dangerous compound exhibits a powerful affinity for water, triggering swift freezing and drying upon contact with bodily tissues. Such effects can cause severe harm and desiccation, potentially resulting in fatal consequences, if exposed to it.

Safety best practices are crucial when using an anhydrous nurse tank due to the potential hazards involved. Numerous incidents involving the release of anhydrous ammonia occur during the usage of nurse tanks.

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