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[h1]Used Propane Tanks for Businesses

[h2]Grow your supply of LPG tanks with Cactus Tanks!

Depending on the time of year, your business may find yourself in need of more propane tanks.

The demand for propane tanks is seasonal. For example, many propane delivery companies see a surge in demand ahead of the winter heating season. They also see more demand during the spring and summer, as that’s when new homes are being built and tanks are needed for those homes, as well as for the construction companies that use propane for temporary heating equipment and generators. Generator installation businesses also see increases in demand ahead of summer storm season and winter storm season, when people are looking to keep their homes safe from outages caused by severe weather.

Cactus Tanks is here with a reliable supply of used propane tanks in a wide range of sizes. We also sell piers and used parts and equipment.

Rest assured that our pre-owned tanks are of exceptional quality and comply with all safety standards set by the industry and government.

At Cactus Tanks, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional, personalized service and maintaining open lines of communication that set us apart from large national companies. Our pricing is not only competitive, but also transparent, ensuring there are no unexpected fees to surprise you. Experience the difference with Cactus Tanks, where quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

No matter the quantity of tanks you require, whether it’s a single tank or a full load, we proudly offer prompt turnaround times to ensure swift delivery. For customers near our Chandler, OK, and Kilgore, TX, locations, we can provide lead times ranging from one to two weeks. Nationwide, our extensive fleet of delivery trucks ensures that lead times are consistently kept to just two to three weeks.

We leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize logistics and transportation for maximum speed and efficiency. Our comprehensive service ensures seamless communication, providing you with peace of mind that your order is being handled with utmost care and precision.

[h3]What are the advantages of buying used propane tanks?

Smart spending and investing in your propane delivery and service business can be the difference between profit and loss.

Purchasing quality used propane tanks from Cactus Tanks can save you 25% to 50% compared with buying new. Even with any repainting you need to do along with adding your business’ logo, you’re still coming out ahead. You can pass the savings on to your customers.

Older used tanks may be made of a thicker steel than a new tank, as regulatory standards have changed over the years.

Opting for used propane tanks rather than new ones not only saves customers money but also contributes to recycling efforts and environmental consciousness. By reusing the tanks, we avoid the energy-intensive processes of lifting, transporting, purging vapors, cutting, melting and even shipping the steel overseas, only to bring it back to the U.S., consuming even more energy in the process.

Partner with Cactus Tanks for your used propane tank needs. Contact us today for a consultation and a free, no-obligation quote.